There are two ways for you to embed your Add to Calendar button inside a Constant Contact email. Please read the options below to decide which option best fits your needs.

Link to Landing Page (easiest)

If you are looking for the fastest solution, this will create a custom Add to Calendar button that will direct users to a landing page for your event. While this isn't the most optimal (since users will need to open a webpage before they can finish adding to calendar), it is the easiest way for you to embed your button inside a Constant Contact email.

To do this, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to your Events page, and click Share Event next to the event you would like to use
  2. Click the Social tab on the right and copy the red Shortlink below (it should look something like 
  3. (Optional) You can also upload a background image to customize the design for your landing page
  4. In your Constant Contact email creator, create a Button and paste the Shortlink you copied earlier into the Link field


Direct Links to Calendar Platforms (intermediate)

If you would like optimize the user experience a little further, you can create an Add to Calendar bar with buttons for each calendar platform. These buttons will send your users directly to the calendar platform, thereby removing the additional landing page step from the previous solution. In addition, this will also allow you to collect the email addresses of all the users who have added your event to calendar.

To implement this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Events page and click Share Event next to the event you would like to use
  2. In the box labelled Select your email marketing provider, choose Constant Contact
  3. Now, hover over each of the buttons displayed above, right-click it, and choose Copy Link Address. (DO NOT use the HTML that was generated below)
  4. Paste each of the links into Notepad or any simple text file so you can use it later
  5. Now, go to Constant Contact and create four separate buttons in your email builder, one for each of the calendar platforms
  6. Finally, paste in the links you copied earlier into each of the respective buttons
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