To get the Add to Calendar button for your email:

  1. Go to the Events page
  2. Click the Share Event button for either All Events or your specific event 
  3. In the Email tab, you can customize the style and color of the buttons
  4. Select your email marketing provider to generate the embed code
  5. Paste the provided HTML code in your email provider

For example, if you were using MailChimp:


If you would instead like to design your own buttons, you will need to follow the following URL structure:{company_id}/?events[]={event_id}&categories[]={category_id}&opt_in={True|False}&alias={alias}&cal_type={gcal|outlook|yahoo|apple}

Here's a description of the various options:

Attribute Description
company_id Your Company ID. (required)
event_id If you would like users to ONLY add a single event when they click the button, specify the ID of that event here.
category_id A list of Category IDs. Use this if you would like to pre-assign a set of categories to the user (they will not get a chance to change it).
opt-in Set this to True if you would like to auto opt-in the user to future events. This must be set to True if you are sharing a feed of events. Otherwise, it defaults to False.
alias Custom-defined identifier. If you would like to track a user from your app within Eventable, use this field to store a unique user ID or email.
cal_type A calendar type value that is read by Eventable to direct the end-user to the appropriate calendar platform. Allowed values are gcal, outlook, yahoo, apple, msoffice, lotus, tbird (Mozilla Thunderbird). 

**Make sure that you change the cal_type value for each button so that the user is directed to the appropriate calendar platform.

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