Steps 1 to 3 covers the creation of a new Facebook Page tab. If you already know how to do so, scroll to Step 4.  

Step 1: Login to Facebook as a Developer

Visit You will be able to log in with your usual Facebook credentials.

Step 2: Create your new Facebook Page tab

  1. Upon logging in, select Add a New App from the dropdown list under My Apps.

    2. You will need to give your tab a display name. This will be displayed on your                  Facebook Page.

    3. After deciding on the name, click Create App ID, and you will be taken to your         App Dashboard.

Step 3: Configure your new Facebook Page tab 

  1. From your App Dashboard, go to Settings in the left sidebar, click + Add Platform to start configuring your Facebook Page tab.

   2. Select Page Tab as your platform.

Step 4: Adding your Eventable shortlink to your Facebook Page tab 

  1. Before the Eventable Add to Calendar splash page can be displayed on your tab, you first have to link the Eventable shortlink to your tab. This is done by including the shortlink in Secure Page Tab URL

2. To locate the link, go to your Eventable dashboard and locate the event you intend to feature. Click Share Event, go to the Social tab and copy the shortlink. All of Eventable’s shortlinks adheres to Facebook’s requirement of a secure URL.         (begins with https://) 

  3. Paste the Eventable shortlink to Secure Page Tab URL. Click on Save Changes           next. 

Step 5: Adding the new tab to your Facebook Page

Before the tab can be added to your Facebook page, you first need to change the parameters in bold:

  1. YOUR_ADD_ID can be found in Settings under App ID.

    2. YOUR_URL is the same as that of Secure Page Tab URL.

In this example, our new URL would be:

3. Now, visit the above URL in your browser. You would be prompted to add the Page       tab. Choose the page you want your new tab to live in.

4.  Voila! The new tab is now reflected on your page.

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