Looking to include add to calendar buttons inside an ActiveCampaign campaign? Follow these instructions to embed your add to calendar buttons in an ActiveCampaign email:

  1. Go to the Events tab

  2. Click the Share Event button for either all events or your specific event

  3. In the Email tab, select HTML as your email type and choose ActiveCampaign as your email provider

  4. (Optional) Customize the style and color of the buttons to fit your branding

  5. Copy the HTML generated at the bottom

  6. In ActiveCampaign, add an HTML Block to your email campaign, and paste the HTML code from the Eventable Dashboard

  7. Expand the HTML editor, and delete the first section of the embed code from <style type="text/css"> to </style>

  8. Click Save in your ActiveCampaign email editor to save the embed code and view the buttons in your email

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