Eventable's Add to Calendar button is a widget that can be embedded on any website, email, app, or display ad. As the event organizer, you promote the button to your audience, and the audience members can then individually add your event(s) to their personal calendar. The button works with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook (Online, Exchange, Desktop), Yahoo, and more.

Unlike your ordinary button, the Eventable Add to Calendar widget is live-updating. If you make a chage to your event (even if it's after someone adds to their calendar), the changes are automatically reflected in the end users' personal calendars in real-time.

Depending on your subscription plan, you may have access to two different types of Add to Calendar buttons:

  • Single Event: If you are using the link/button from the "Share Event" section, your button will add the specified event to your users' calendars. After adding that event, users will be prompted with the option to follow a feed of your upcoming events (this will only function for paid accounts).

  • Feed: If you are subscribed to a paid plan, and are using the link/button from the "Share Event Feed" section, your button will sync a feed of multiple events to your users' calendars.

To access your Add to Calendar buttons, visit our dashboard and click "Share Event Feed" or the "Share Event" button.

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