Eventable works by synchronizing your calendar with a separate calendar feed that we create โ€” this allows us to put events directly on the calendar without having to read all of a user's personal calendar information, keeping their data safe.ย 

On Google Calendar, the Eventable feed appears in the "Other Calendars" section of the app. When an event is updated via the Eventable Dashboard, the change is reflected through that calendar feed.

Unfortunately, Google's technology only pulls the information from outside calendar feeds once every 6-8 hours, resulting in a long delay between the time an event is edited (or added to the feed), and when the event actually shows up in someone's calendar.ย 

We have been in an ongoing conversation with Google about their calendar-crawler policies, but they are unlikely to fix it without increased demand from Google Calendar users. We would strongly appreciate it if you voice your concerns to the Google Calendar team as a means of helping to advocate for a more open calendar community.

TL DR: Google Calendar only updates calendar information from outside sources once every 6-8 hours. We would appreciate it if you voice your concerns to Google and help us create a more open calendar community.

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