Note: This feature is only available for Eventable Premium/Enterprise users.
If you are a Lite user, we automatically create a Feed that contains all your events.

When creating Feeds, you'll want to think about the different types of events that you have.

For example, a sports team's Feeds may be Home Games, Away Games, Special Promotions, etc. But an online apparel store may have Feeds like Women's Dresses, Accessories, Baby & Kids, etc. Spend some time thinking about your different types of events, and create engaging titles that consumers will easily understand.

To create your first Feed:

  1. Go to the Events page

  2. Click Targeting under any event (choose any event, we won't be making any changes to the events here)

  3. Click the purple Create Feed button

  4. Inside the pop-up, click the Add a New Feed link

  5. Enter a title for your new category and click Add Feed to confirm

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