Note: This feature is only available for Eventable Premium/Enterprise users.
If you are a Lite user, we automatically create a Feed that contains all your events.

If you need to edit the title of your Feed, you can very easily do so via the dashboard. However, we recommend only making minor changes (i.e. fixing typos). Changing a Feed completely can cause an awkward experience for some subscribers. For example, if you change "Home Games" to "Away Games," all the subscribers who previously selected "Home Games" will start receiving away games that they had not signed up for. In general, we recommend deleting or creating new Feeds if you will be making major changes.

To edit any of your Feeds:

  1. Go to the Events page

  2. Click Targeting under any event (choose any event, we won't be making any changes to the events here)

  3. Click the purple Manage Feeds button at the top

  4. Inside the pop-up, click the blue pencil next to the Feed you want to edit

  5. Edit the title for your new Feed and click the purple check mark to confirm

  6. You can also click the square to the left of the blue pencil to edit the display color of your Feed (this can help you easily differentiate events and Feeds in your dashboard)

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