Let's get started with creating your first event!

Every event you create is designed to be sent to your subscribers' calendars, so make sure you have all the information and details readily on hand. Our events are also slightly different from your typical calendar event, so we'll point out the nuances along the way.

First, click the "Create Event" link at the top of your dashboard to go to the create event form.

Start by entering the title for your event. We recommend keeping it brief and concise (under 25 characters is ideal) since this is what people will mainly see inside their calendars.

Next, select the date and time of your event. Note that you can also check the All Day Event box if your event does not have a specific beginning or end time. Also check to make sure the selected timezone is correct. You have the option to choose Timezone Agnostic too.

You have now completed all the required fields for creating an event. However, we recommend filling in as much information as possible so your subscribers can make the most of your event. All the following fields are optional.

If you will be sharing your event via email or social media, we recommend uploading a custom background image for your event's splash page. Click the Upload Background Image button and select an image from your computer.

If your event is taking place at a physical location, you can enter the name or address in the Location field. If you have a Pro or Enterprise account, you can enter multiple locations for your event.

Any additional information (links, directions, agendas, etc) should be entered in the Description section. You can enter full paragraphs and links of any type.

If you have a link you would like people to visit (i.e. RSVP, purchasing tickets, main event website, etc), you can enter it in the Link field. Make sure to include the "http://" or "https://" at the beginning of your link.

Next, you can create Notifications to send people calendar reminders about your event. You may be familiar with the default 10/15-minute calendar reminder that appears before meetings in your calendar. With Eventable, you can customize this default reminder to show up at a custom-defined time with your own custom message. For more info on this see Calendar Notifications. Please note that you will need a Standard or Pro subscription to access this feature.

Finally, you can choose which Feeds to assign to your event. When users subscribe to a feed of your events, they have the chance to select which categories they want to follow. By selecting the appropriate categories for each of your events, you'll ensure that it reaches the right users. For more info on this see Choosing Feeds for your Event. Please note that you will need a Pro subscription to access this featue.

To make sure everything looks correct, you can click the Preview link at the top of the page to see what your event would look like inside a calendar.

Once you're ready, you can click the Create button in the top right to save your event. Congratulations, you've just created your first event!

Now to share your event, click the purple Share icon next to your event on the main page. Best of luck with your event!

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