Events are the core of Eventable: every event you create is designed to be sent to your subscribers' calendars.

Our events are a little different from what you typically create inside your calendar. In order to give you the most flexibility when promoting your events in other people's calendars, we've extended the usual calendar event with a few extra features. Here's an overview of the components:

  • Title: Just as it sounds, this is the title of your event that people will see in their calendars. (required)

  • Date / Time: The date and time at which your event will be happening. (required)

  • All Day: Check this box if your event does not have a specific begin or end time.

  • Timezone: The timezone for your event. You can also select "Timezone Agnostic" to set the time to the same in every timezone (i.e. 2pm PST, 2pm CST, 2pm EST, etc).

  • Background Image: You can upload a custom background image for your event's splash page.

  • Location: If your event is taking place at a physical location, you can enter the name or address here. If you have a Pro account, you will also be able to enter multiple locations (we will automatically choose the most relevant location inside each subscriber's calendar).

  • Description: Enter any additional information about your event here. You can enter full paragraphs and links of any type.

  • Link: If you have a link you would like people to visit (i.e. RSVP, purchasing tickets, main event website, etc), you can enter it here. Make sure to include the "http://" or "https://" at the beginning of your link.

  • Notifications: Calendar Notifications send your subscribers calendar reminders about your event. For more info on this see Calendar Notifications.

  • Feeds: Categories help you specify which subscribers will receive your event in their calendars. For more info on this see Choosing Feeds for your Event.

For a more detailed guide, check out Creating your first Event.

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