If you're embedding your Add to Calendar buttons inside an email, you may have noticed you can only customize the color, shape, and type of calendars listed with our button generator.

Looking to further customize your buttons? Follow this guide to create your own custom Add to Calendar buttons:

  1. Go to the Events page and click Share Event next to the event you would like to use

  2. In the Email tab, select Plain Text as your email type

  3. Now, hover over each of the buttons displayed above, right-click it, and choose Copy Link Address. (DO NOT use the HTML that was generated below)

  4. Paste each of the links into Notepad or any simple text file so you can use it later

  5. Now, go to your email provider and create four separate buttons in your email builder, one for each of the calendar platforms (the design and styling is completely up to you)

  6. Finally, paste in the links you copied earlier into each of the respective buttons

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